Research proves that sex is healthy

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Sex is a great way to boost whole body health, with carnal pleasures helping to strengthen the heart, relieve stress, ease depression and even lower the chances of developing prostate cancer. Sex has many odd benefits, and can even improve your sense of smell it would seem according to recent research.

Few would argue that sex is not a great way to feel good, particularly after stressful day. However the latest medical research indicates that sex has many benefits to the body; apart from the obvious one of it being highly pleasurable, which in itself has great benefits to the health.

Sex improves blood flow and has a highly stimulating effect, and morning sex can greatly improve your mood, energy levels and the ability to cope with a stressful day at work. The promise of sex after work can help you get through the day too. However the latest research shows – in mice at least – that sex will improve the sense of smell. The rush of the hormone prolactin at orgasm has been shown to double the number of new nerve cells which are formed in the part of the brain which controls the sense of smell. More sex means a better sense of smell.

A 10-year study conducted by neuropsychologist Dr. David Weeks indicates that sex makes you look and feel younger too. Having sex three times a week can make people look up to 10 years younger than those who just manage to have sex a couple of times a week. That extra sex session is well worth cramming in if you want to maintain youthful looks, and sex has also been shown to give your skin a healthy glow. Regular sex can be of great help to insomniacs to get a better night’s sleep. Research suggests that the hormone oxytocin which is released during sex makes both men and women sleep easier afterwards.

Although some research has suggested that married men who have affairs are more likely to suffer from a heart attack – think older men, younger girls and highly active sex- sex can actually strengthen the heart. Sex is the most fun cardiovascular exercise, and getting the blood pumping and the heart beating faster can have important health benefits. A survey conducted in 2001 at Queens University in Belfast suggests that the risk of heart attacks and strokes falls by half for men who have sex more than three times a week. 

It is not just physical health which benefits from regular and frequent sex. Sex can have a profound impact on mental health too; It can reduce depression and feelings of low self esteem, and has a long lasting effect on feelings of personal wellness. This is caused by the rush of endorphins which occur during sex.

So if you want to improve health, stave off illnesses, and keep the heart and the brain healthy you need to get more sex. And remember, if you do not have a willing partner allow us to help improve your health by finding one for you!

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