Research – sex increases happiness.

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The U.S. researchers conclude: the level of human happiness is directly related to how often one has sex. Experts conducted a painstaking analysis of large-scale researches and public opinion polls on the subject with the use of two scales: sex and happiness. All participants were asked one question: how much happy you are? Three possible answers were offered: not very happy, happy, and very happy. London escorts girls report: almost all volunteers answering as “very happy” turned to have regular sex, while participants not practicing sexual intercourse for a year are almost 40% unhappier than those doing it once a week. At the same time, the subjects engaged in love three times a week are twice happier than all the others. Draw your own conclusions. Researchers evaluated the role of various factors, such as age, social status, smoking, blood pressure and heart diseases, though the results remained constant: sexual activity has a protective effect on health. Besides, London young escorts add sexual activity contributes to production of the growth hormone, which helps maintaining youthful appearance.

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