What does an escort expect from a client

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While you are likely to have some expectations of your date, the adult escort that you choose will also have some expectations from you. You can be 100% sure that since you are paying for time with your chosen girl, that she will not be expecting you to just sit down and chat or listen to her problems. An escort may give a girlfriend experience, but she will not be expecting to be treated exactly like you would treat your girlfriend. You will not be expected to make another date once your time is up, and you will not be expected to bring chocolates or flowers, but if you are planning on taking her out for a meal or to a special event, you will need to foot the bill. An adult escort will expect you to be presentable with good personal hygiene, so be sure to shower fully before your date. Some escorts may even ask you to take a shower beforehand, wash your hands or trim your nails if you have forgotten. We feel it’s best not to do this on the clock! Your escort will have booked a time slot for you so it is imperative that you are not late. If you are, expect your hour or however long you have booked to be cut short by the same degree. You should also bear in mind that if you are having a whale of a time and want to extend the meeting past the allotted time it may not be possible. Your chosen escort may have made other unchangeable plans so do bear this in mind.

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