Are escorts more therapeutic than therapy?

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A recent survey published on the web portal Sex and Rome delves deep into the world of adult escorts, call girls and sex workers and attempts to find out what men get up to with ladies of the night, including why they seek their services.

The survey, originally compiled by Italian dating website Incontri Ticino, invited its adult escort visitors to provide some of the more unusual requests made by their clients, with a sample of 260 girls interviewed as part of the survey. It would appear that far from the meetings being just about sex, many involved no physical contact at all. An hour spent with an adult escort appears to be an alternative to a therapy session with a psychologist for many men.

The survey shows that one man in thirteen hires an adult escort just to talk and be listened to and to discuss the things that cannot be told to any friend, wife or lover. Interestingly, top of the list of strange requests is infantilism.

30.5% of clients like to be treated as a baby or infant by their chosen woman. The survey suggests that 27% of men like a little (or big) strap-on training, with the female escort taking on the role of the man and administering some hard rubber pleasure. 19.5% love nothing more than sexy role play and call to let the escort know the role they want her to perform when she arrives.

Naughty student and strict teacher is one of the most common themes, although which way round is up to the client. 7.5% of clients don’t want to talk or participate at all, but just watch a call girl undress through a keyhole or crack in the door, happy to enjoy some sexy voyeurism. What is clear, certainly in Italy, is that a meeting for the horizontal tango is far from the only way men like to get pleasure.

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